Thursday, May 21, 2015

ISTJ Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging

ISTJ  Introverted Sensing with Thinking   Inspector 10%

role- through check details of workings or group (budget etc.)
direct others; administrator (indirect because of natural reserve)
see others uphold standards and rules
good intentions on insisting on rule compliance

firm and consistent; set family rules & enforce
teach basic home skills; expect children do chores
(may have trouble making time to play)
work on own; hard nosed and silent; not outgoing
concrete in communication
cooperative in implementing goals
involved in community service organizations
trust authority; desire to be executive; obedient child
yearn for belonging
prize gratitude
set family traditions valued and attended

concerned about things; work well with material
work well in complex numerical type jobs i.e. finances
interested in learning about business

Goal Oriented
scrutinize all detail of the organization
fatalistic, pessimistic, stoical
guard past
seek security
logistics more than diplomacy or strategy
orderly flow of materiel
value price and durability over comfort or appearance

dependable, beneficent, respectable

dedicated, stable, loyal, responsible, committed
trustworthy, honorable, duty
decisive in practical affairs
guardians of institutions
super-dependable, reliable
patient with work
attentive to procedures; through, see details, legal,
make sure all is inspected, schedules kept, resources up to standard and delivered on time to                where they should be

impatient with people who not adhere to standards or rules
vulnerable to criticism

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