Thursday, May 21, 2015

NF Intuitive Temperment

Blue Type- NF  Intuitive Feeling Personality Type
The strengths, weakness of an NF and what stresses and energizes this type of person.

Desires - to influence others - to lead significant lives
Values - people and personal relationships; relates individually
Characteristics - empathetic, appreciative (also strong needs), warm, enthusiastic, good listener

Wants - harmony, cooperation, integrity, completeness, perfection, wholeness
Motivates others - catalyst leader of growth
Gift of language
Strong organizational skills
Ability to concentrate
Intuitive- sees possibilities, good at problem solving

can be over helpful and create dependent relationships
can become over tired
tends to put others need first (needs frequently to review own goals, priorities, purposes)
may be over responsive to others and become emotionally drained
needs to balance with own needs and consider reality of time and energy before commit
can become immobilized by conflict - not want to face conflict
may expect all to be perfect now
bores easily– need frequent new input

Stressed By
superficial and or  impersonal interactions
meaningless work
no opportunity for growth
conflict can make physically ill
competition and criticism - can make ill
others emotions (esp if Introvert)
not having time to reflect
violence, evilness, unkindness
routine, repetitive details- strict schedules (no room for intuition, working from details to whole)
paperwork, housework, yard work etc
too many emotional demands
pleasing conflicting groups (middle management)
strict authority- lack of freedom- just follow rules and patterns with no creativity
being expected to follow instead of lead - not involved in decision making

Energized By
recognition- for uniqueness and contributions
feelings and ideas accepted- validation
progressing toward ideal
cooperation- harmony, unity
time to plan- see the social consequences
time for self reflection
personal attention and interaction
discussion method of learning

fiction and fantasy

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