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INFJ Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

INFJ    The Individualist; The Counselor; The Author;
Catalysts for Positive Change; rarest of all types  less than 1% of population

getting whole picture easily gives ability to:
perceive others will, intelligence, feelings; empathic
see implications; predict future
receptive to inspiration (use mainly to help people grow)
understand complex concepts
see possibilities especially in people
see connections, relationships, and analyze;

especially concerning people;  insights into human behavior
insights into the meaning of life, relationships, and symbols
ingenious problem solvers (after thought)
especially concerning people
stimulated by difficulties
creative, make new patterns, imaginative
not influenced by outside; internal values and principles
strong organizational skills; whole planning
needs to organize own time, environment, process

How Think
holistic (seeing the relationships between the parts & the whole) global (broad in scope and content)
diffuse (spread over a wide area)
synthesis (abstract thought where ideas are combined into a complex whole)
induction (forms general principles from details)
complex; intense
one thing at time in depth; great depth of concentration
good learner; get whole picture easily
think in patterns; relationships, connections
most poetic of all types; metaphor; imagery

desire good for others; loving; idealistic; devoted; enthusiastic;
nurture own and others potential, development; encouraging
drive and fulfilled by helping self and others grow;
help others do what they need to do; concerned for others
want to help in a practical realistic way; quietly forceful;
driven by inner vision of possibilities especially of people
value relationships, sensitive, conscientious
need a sense of purpose in life
insightful; complex; decisive, determined, persevering
optimistic; faith in good; idealistic life
live in world of ideas; enjoy idealistic fantasy
noble presence (know others thoughts and the future; global)
independent; original thinkers; imaginative, creative
decisions on own values; integrity; firm principles;
clear convictions; consistent; strong feelings;
respected for holding to firm principles;
 understanding or what is right to help people
intense; become completely involved in what do

frustrated by routine; can be restless
bored & stressed by details & routine
can neglect details, can be sloppy
can be impractical and unrealistic
need to learn to set limits; on relationships and accept own limits
can be perfectionistic and stubborn
can become disillusioned
when people don’t measure up to ideals
extraverting drains energy
(not teach groups; better at counseling, HS, and college teaching)
can be hurt easily; able to discern others thoughts and feelings
too many and demanding relationships tire and stress
may over identify with others; lose own identity
can be moody (friendly then withdraw to recover)
may need to express feelings physically more
may not fit in organizational structure
need stress free environment; can become ill

Relating Style
can appear extraverted (but only Feeling is extroverted)
warm, friendly, loyal, devoted; enthusiastic, insightful; appreciative; supportive; encouraging
becomes intensely personally involved
spontaneously communicate caring
and willingness to become involved
can become weighted down by too many relationships and feelings
strong ability to identify with others
others may turn to them for emotional support
can overwhelm INFJ; has trouble disconnecting
desire harmony; peacemakers; want everyone to help each other
want cooperation; persuade others not try to order them
not visible leader; influence behind scenes; inspiring
soft spoken; good listener; good communicator
empathic; companionate;
picks up others feelings therefore can be hurt easily; hypersensitive; takes criticism personally
with their children
deep bond; friends; firm discipline
interactions must be meaningful; one on one; deep (not small talk)
private, complex, reserved; needs solitude to think and recover
desires to share ideas;
 sometimes ideas are too complex for others to understand
need daily rapport (harmony, understanding, & trust)

Stressed by

Sensing instead of Intuition
details; routine
having to function in concrete world for long periods
having to learn new detail things (ex. computer)
realism instead of ideals
people unwilling to grow; being unable to help them grow (NF)
forced to follow others recipes and patterns (not own intuition)
forced to conform
pressured to make decisions based on social conformity
instead of values, integrity, principles (INF)
not being able to make my own
environment, schedule, approach, patterns, solve problems

Extroverting instead of Introverting
superficial relationing (socials, small talk)
having to relate to groups of people
not being able to share ideas or ideas not understood
just expected to listen and excuse unwillingness to change or grow
extroverting emotion for long periods
too many relationships and feelings
too many demands for emotional support
not time to distance from people and reestablish own identity
lack of privacy and time alone
having to work with others watching
not given time to think things out; get whole picture
having to do several things at once
not being able to do one thing in depth

Thinking instead of Feeling
having to relate to people as a group instead of personally
not being understood, respected, or trusted
pressured to choose things over people & people centered values
when can’t persuade others to do what they need to be happy
criticism instead of encouragement
having to forcefully lead, push, punish others
conflict; disharmony
negative thoughts and feelings
negative news
evilness; people hurting others or not helping each other

Perceiving instead of Judging
being pushed to act before thought out
having to make decisions quickly without getting whole picture
not given time to finish projects
decisions not being made


Have quest for knowledge, drive

Idealistic and visionary

abstract future thinker, intuitive, creative, whole picture,
see relationships of all things

Seek the meaning of life– which is personal growth, self and others
desire to help others reach their potential
 (sense potential of others)

intense, serious, organized, through, caring is helping others grow
side show to world but not show idealism, vision, and creativeness (intuition)

desire close, deep, honest, open relationships with others
few and deep, lasting

sincere, integrity, empathic, but private, manage emotions well
desire to be understood but not

need time to think, interact, and connect

painful: conflict (do if will help growth), advice not received

enjoys reading, writing, problem solving (build relationships around), nature (centers)

balance  between solitude and connectedness  (thinking, creative projects and relating with others)

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