Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stress for an INFJ

Stress for INFJ ( introverted intuition supported by feeling )

Needs Stress
meaning, purpose, integrity                           doing busy work, against values
unique identity no one listening; not value ideas
                                                                       not valued for who is
                                                                 May try and match self to system
                                                                 (causes severe energy drain)

empathic supportive relationships                  conflict (makes physically ill)
act as catalysts, mentors, advocate,                just take orders
            teacher, inspirer, nurturer
Use Diplomacy give or follow given orders
time to reflect and plan                                act without time to think
time intuitive thought                                  always doing details
time make own patterns                              follow others patterns
time, quiet, space to think little time alone
meaningful communication                         superficial chatter
help people grow                                       enable people to not change
reflect on people’s needs                            too many people, input

Signs of Stress
extremely tense, selfish, critical, impulsive, excessive, nit-picky,
go against values

Helps with stress
start new quest, project
receive nurturing from self and others (talk with giving friend, journal, )
articulate (Ti use introvered Thinking) hear problem (Se  use estroverrted sensing)
withdraw to analyze problem and plan a solution
do thing enjoy- write, create, music, mediation, nature

be comfortably assertive - set boundaries

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