Thursday, May 21, 2015


Intuition function can be used in the inner world of thought (introverted) or used in the physical world (extroverted). This chart shows a dominate intuitive who naturally intoverts intuition. It also shows the consequences when intoversion is used in an unnatural way for that type. I made this to remind me, a dominate introverted intuitive INFJ, to be myself.  If extroverting intuition is natural for you then you would not have the negative consequences.  Instead, introverting Intuition would cause you stress and not fully use your abilities.

Natural Introverted                                  Unnatural Extroversion 
Dominate Intuition                                    of Intuition

introverted                                                extroverted
world of thought                                        gather impressions- stressed
lead with faith                                           follower
inner vision, inspiration                              not creative-others patterns
creates ideas, connections,   does details
patterns, insights
meaning, purpose to life                             meaningless activity
serve                                                        do shoulds
principles, integrity (inspires)                     conflict of values (ill)
goals - big picture                                     unrealistic, not meaningful
problems opportunity to grow                    depressed by problems
progress-self & others                        react- pressured to do
inspires, insights, ponders others goals
perspective, eternal goals
replenish reserves                                     over committed
    Stressed, ill, exhausted,
(better health, energy, enthusiasm) depressed

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