Thursday, May 21, 2015

ESTJ Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging

ESTJ  10% of population   Extroverted Thinking with Sensing

The Supervisor

by making people do what should do (feel is their duty)- enforce rules and procedures, consequences; moral
prize gratitude
cooperative with superiors and carry out orders exactly (value authority)
not always aware of feelings of others or their view point or responsive to others
through traditions and rituals, socials

want cooperation and contentment through routines and procedures
take control of family and define roles and duties (all should want to do);
firm discipline;  children should be well-mannered, hard working, productive members of society
will not tolerate individualism or rebelliousness
leadership role- feel obligated to direct and judge others, issue orders- think being helpful; logistical (not much diplomacy or strategy)
communication- concrete

concerned about things, materialistic: like using tools- cooperative in use; work well with material; prize manuals, operating procedures
not experimentation and fantasy
like business, traditions, procedures, real experiences, duty

Goal Orientated
seek security
focus- getting the job done; hard workers, maintaining institutions as they are
orientation; fatalistic, pessimistic, stoical;
guardians; look to past experience (history)

dependable, beneficent, respectable
pillars of community, clubs, church- like membership in social institutions
give to time and energy, leadership; duty

dedication and discipline, dependable, faithful, conscientious
straight-forward, honest
respect authority
strong sense of duty
follow routines well
neat and orderly, punctual
scheduling orderly procedures
detailing rules and regulations
seeing that established procedures are observed
loyal to institutions
unbelievable hard working; industrious
want to improve themselves

may jump to conclusions too quickly (judging)
may not be open to others feelings and points of view (esp if in authority)

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