Thursday, May 21, 2015

ISFP Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceptive

Introverted Feeling Supported by Sensing  (ISFP)  about 6% of population
  • See the realities--the needs of the moment-- and try to meet them.  
  • Satisfaction doing things that involve discrimination, and a sense of beauty and proportion.  They excel in craftsmanship.  
  • Special love of nature
  • Sympathy for animals.  
  • Less articulate (verbal) than the INFP’s. What they do with their hands is usually more eloquent than what they say.
  • Adaptable, Open-minded, flexible (except with values) 
  • Devoted and loyal to loved person, or cause; faithful
  • Most modest type -  underestimate themselves. Take for granted their own high level of craftsmanship and see it as no great achievement.  
  • No desire to impress or influence others
  • Value harmony
  • Work best individually with  work involving personal values--such as art or the perception of needs
  • Live by own Values - sense of right and wrong
  • Great warmth and enthusiasm
  • Solve problems through the use of their understanding.
  • Accepting  of and  other types

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