Thursday, May 21, 2015

INFP Character

INFP 1 to 4% of population Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceptive
dominate Feeling- uses within ; auxiliary Intuition- deals with world

deep and; passionate; private; may appear cold  and indifferent and  be completely misunderstood; restless; independent, bound by inner moral law; inner tenderness; passionate conviction masked by reserve;  deep feeling but seldom expressed; idealistic; loyal, devoted to a loved person,
purpose, or cause; can to warm & enthusiastic (if know well);  open-minded, flexible and adaptable (unless goes against values); seems gentle and easy-going but are passionate; selfless; sensitive; soft-spoken; adaptable; welcomes new ideas and information;

Guided by
(bases for decision making)-  abstract ideals, truths gives direction, power & purpose (idealism); feelings as subjective guide (personal values); craves inspiration; judgment (feeling) used inwardly to keep lesser values subordinate to greater; strong personal morality;

harmony in the inner world of feeling; strong sense of duty; prizes recognition

to realize ideals; wants to restore unity, integrity, oneness in relationships (self and others); wants to bring peace to world; no desire to impress or influence others; cooperative in implementing goals; seeks identity; wants wisdom

based on being seen as emphatic, kind, real

Approach to World
lives in future; uses inner understanding to deal with reality; ignores unacceptable; wants to change situation to fit ideals; searches for possibilities in environment and new truths; likes to start  new ventures and projects; yearns for romance;

may have difficulty expressing ideals & finding fulfillment in real world; needs to develop feeling values to help evaluate ventures and complete tasks; not always observant; dislikes follow through and  routine details; vulnerable when relationships not ideal and may lose confidence amd distrust life and feel inferior; have difficulty dealing with reality that does not match ideals; strong idealism may cause feeling of isolation from others; inner turmoil between good and evil; may take liberties with logic believing it to be optional; good at impressionistic, global understanding but may not master details;

 easy and natural; abstract ideals; gifted (feeling gives urge to communicate and share and artistic sense, and intuition gives use of symbols); may prefer to communicate through writing since they are so  reserved thus avoiding personal contact; gift for interpreting and creating symbols; writes poetically; uses diplomacy; avoids conflict;

strong values; greatest capacity for caring of all types; great capacity to appreciate and make abstractions; quick understanding;  imaginative; can accomplish through understanding what others can’t do in other ways; gifted in imaginative language; contributes to society-  inventions, enterprise, & inspired leadership; excels in areas that deal with possibilities for people- counseling, teaching, literature, art, science, research, psychology; Excels in- best at individual work  involving personal values (something they believe in); areas that contribute to the happiness, health of people, or the perfection of a project;  art, literature, humanities, science, psychology, perception of needs; in business- morale and personnel work; uses enthusiasm generated by feeling to spur intuition and discover truths (how can do research);

works well alone but with opportunities to share ideas with respected  few; adaptable; welcomes new ideas; dislikes details; aware of people  & their feelings; relates well but with reserve; allow to express vision  through their work; time to develop depth to ideas; allow control over product; flexible structure; noncompetitive; work with creative, caring  people; low stress; allows to express creativity; not present work in front of groups; allow to help others grow; involves understanding  people; one-on-one relationships; allows to fulfill ideals; areas- ministry, social work, library research, tutoring, child counseling, college teaching in humanities but not business; good in school  especially in higher grades and college due to language ability;

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