Thursday, May 21, 2015

Intuitive Feeling Types INFP, ENFP, ENFJ, INFJ

INFP and ENFP (lesser extent ENFJ and INFJ)
Intutive Feeling people either Introverted or Extroverted types have some characteristics in common.

  • most right brained
  • creative, conceptional, intuitive - think great thoughts, lost in thought, daydreamer
  • processors of information– idea producers of society
  • not detail oriented- integrative, holistic
  • interested in ideas -  enthusiasticly sharing ideas or bored; may interrupt to express an idea; enjoys relating concerning ideas instead of practical matters or the physical tangible; will defend and express ideas that believe in
  • weak on follow-up
  • not handle finances well
  • often unrealistic- especially with time
  • has trouble with routine and structure
  • Works best alone with own thought not with a team (intoverted types); withdraws into head (world of Ideas) ;can concentrate on ideas for hours; needs time and space to be alone and think
  • Functions best at top of management-  where can lead by sharing ideas and motivate other and can delegate details
  • Things not as important as ideas
  • Idealistic- strives for perfection
  • Unique- need freedom
  • Motivating- witty, strong persuasive skills
  • May be impatient with “slow thinkers” (non-intuitive)
  • may have difficulty slowing down and communicating with more concrete people and providing them with the details and sequence they need
  • Can analyze complex problems
  • Futuristic- enjoys change, the new and different
  • needs new input, challenge, avid reader, learner;needs stimulation- bright colors, art, entertainment options, lots of books
  • wide range of interests and study
  • easily side tracked
  • Dress- women prefer comfy, casual clothes (perhaps the current cause on the T shirt)
  • Expressive- animated, reflects quickly in face, voice changes 
  • Files in piles
  • Prefers Simplicity - uses few decorations
  • Music- classical, jazz, New Age
  • Interests - May enjoy poetry, music (creating), computers, museums

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