Thursday, May 21, 2015

NF Temperment

12% of the population is Intuitive Feeling Type (about 24 million people)
25% prefer Intuition over Sensing
50% prefer Feeling over Thinking
6 out of 10 males prefer Thinking to Feeling; 6 out of 10 females prefer Feeling to Thinking

enthusiastic, insightful, creative, imaginative, religious, sympathetic, linguistic, subjective, idealistic

Fields they do well in
researcher, teacher (36% of all school personnel, teachers especially humanities and social sciences in college), writer, psychologist, psychiatrist, and linguist, artist, architect, actor, musician; physical or occupational therapist, audiologist, human resources development specialist, strategic planner, public relations specialist; inventor; management consultant
“Their influence on the minds of the populace is massive, for most writers come from this group. Novelists, dramatists, television writers, playwrights, journalists, poets, and biographers are almost exclusively NF’s (intuitive feeling).” Dr. David Keirsey
they rarely go into business or the sciences

As Mates
They have an extra-ordinary sensitivity and are the most empathic of all types. “As mates they can be a source of warmth, appreciation, and support which other types have difficulty emulating.” Dr. David Keirsey

As Children
Needs recognition, harmonious relationships,  and to be valued. Highly imaginative. Enjoys fantasy. Dislikes competition. Thrives on personalized attention, but does not respond to physical punishment. Enjoys language and social studies. Works well in small groups. Works from the whole picture to the details. Usually one to four in an average classroom.
“The NF child can be particularly responsive to teachers who are accepting and nourishing, who verbalize recognition of feelings, who individualize their instruction, who use lots of small group interaction, who genuinely respond to and accept the ideas and opinions of class members and who avioid sarcasm and ridicule as a means of class control.” Dr. David Keirsey

As Leaders (often as teachers)
Catalyst leader, actuating others latent potentials.  A charismatic, committed, enthusiastic, optimistic, and caring leader. Outstanding in public relations and is an excellent spokesman for an organization. Dr. David Keirsey

Dr. David Keirsey is a clinical psychologist who worked for public schools for 20 years as a corrective interventionist, and followed this with 11 year training therapists at California State University in the art of changing dysfunctional behavior in children and adults.
Also from research of Isabel Briggs Myers , Paul F. Tieger

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