Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sensing Perceiving SP Temperment

portrait of an ISTP  Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceptive about 5% of population

realistic, actual, utility, practicality, sensible
objective, laws, impersonal, justice, standards, analysis
flexible, adapt as you go, let life happen, open options, something will turn up, there’s plenty of  time; let’s wait and see

can be fiercely insubordinate, seeing hierarchy and authority as unnecessary
not a matter of going against regulation as it is simply ignoring them
must do his own thing, must be free to vary each next move

Movement and Tools
proud of their ability to make the next move skillfully
often fearless, risking themselves more than other types
crave some excitement each day in the form of fast motion- racing, surfing, roller bladeing;
tools fall into their hands demanding use
operate tools with precision that defies belief
of all types can command the tool and bend it to their impulse
work with their tools on personal impulse and not on schedule

Seek thrills in play
may have appearance of loners in their work, hang around their own kind in play-
climbers, racers, flyers, hunters etc,
companionship is mediated through the tool and conversation is sparse and terse
communicate through action - show little interest in developing verbal skills

They can be great leaders
their supreme realism, timing and sense of expediency allows them to seize the moment and fully exploit whatever resources can begotten and capitalize on deficits and mistakes of their opponent this is a special kind of intelligence which can be called artistic concreteness
interested in glory

not the least interested in the clerical, interpretive and “science” curricula in modern schools
bored by school- see school as irrelevant to their talents; do not want to prepare for anything
want to DO NOW something WORTHWHILE
do not want to sit still for the trivial fare dished out in school
want things that allow them to test their intelligence and their mettle
give them a tool-centered curriculum and watch their speed

have great confidence and pride in their abilities;

are of good cheer, loyal to their equals, want no obligations, duties, are uncomplicated in their desires, are trusting, receptive, and generous

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