Thursday, May 21, 2015

INFJ Personality and Stress

Intoverted Dominate Intuition (greatest strength) This is my personality. All functions (feeling, intuition etc) can either be used in the inner world of thought (intoverted) or the outer physical world. This is how an INFJ uses abilities.

Dominate- Intuition   Introverted   Ni

best in inner world of spontaneous thought
has faith; trusts inner vision; intuition
Very creative- seeks and makes
     new connections and relationships
originate own patterns, insights

seeks  meaning and do meaningful
seeks truths; guided by firm principles
long term goals and possibilities-  future
idealistic, perfectionist
integrity, committed, independent
solves problems intuitively- each event
problems opportunities for growth
big picture; holistic; simplify
can understand and apply abstract
enjoys study and writing
uses metaphor, analogies

goal (with feeling) help people grow
inspires others to improve
seeks to understand self and others
perceptive of others thoughts, feelings,
and needs
leads quietly by sharing insights

Intuition   extroverted (when stressed; not natural for INFJ)

stressed if do not have  time and solitude
 to withdraw into mind,
concentrate on ideas
and thus rebuild depleted reserves uses other people’s patterns (society)
                  and  insights instead of own-
not express and implement own creativity and ideas
being just a follower
not accomplishing meaningful goals; following “shoulds” not principles
lose idealism; depressed and tired
become depressed by problems
loses big picture; makes things complex
learning or managing many impersonal details, practical tasks
becoming absorbed in intuitive perceiving- and thus oblivious to physical reality (not care for self, time and energy limits)

may become bossy (sign of stress)
unrealistic goals;
over committed (with Fe)

conflict of values; shame
loses vision ; give people what they want instead of what they need
just helps others reach their goals
no time to analyze others
feels pressured to meet their wants

Auxiliary - Feeling Extroverted   Fe  (second strongest ability)
decision making function based on values
need to keep centered on values-
spirituality, learning, service
harmony, unity, cooperation
needs to balance creative intuition with feeling value decisions
needs creative expression on intuition and implementation of ideas to help people grow
natural nurturer; mentor, counselor
needs to give support, encouragement, to nurture, to listen, give support
needs to analyze info and ideas as how relate to people
J- drive to  use ideas to help people
J - vision- doer, committed, consistent
persistent; contribute; responsible
J - easily make decisions based on values
seek few close harmonious relationships
create by kindness
depth of feeling; express feeling only with those who will accept
sensitive, empathic, warm, caring, patient, understanding
responds to wants and feelings of others ; even unexpressed
sensitive to non-verbal
fluent communication; persuasive
J - orderly with outside world; priorities
internalize conflict- can become ill

Stressed (functioning unnaturally for that type)
stressed if can’t pursue values
if others not share values ; reject; can’t share
unappreciated; just a “worker”
 can’t implement vision
stressed if little opportunity to
 develop and use my talents
stressed if motives not viewed as idealistic
if not seen as responsible and caring
If not accomplishing meaningful goals
stressed if not have opportunity to help others grow
 Stressed by negative interactions; unkindness
stressed if share with critical people
if criticized, critical scrutiny

stressed if have to deal with things; esp. over people; too many details
stressed if do not have time to distance and think out conflicts, plan to avoid future stress,
need time to plan mentoring and support, or study and gather info

Fi decisions based on worth, importance
can become grouchy

stressed if superficial; impersonal relating
stress if not harmony, unity (easily hurt)
disharmony within self; in goals, values, priorities
stressed too many people for too long
overwhelmed; emotional overload trying to meet too many peoples needs and wants’ inherent “giver”
taking on too much responsibility
can take on others values  & goals as own
need recenter; own values; set boundaries
need opportunity to talk
stressed by disorder
need harmony ; time to recharge; humor
efficient by scheduling

stressed - if
must only deal with one side of an issue
must use just logical explanations
more complex; more details
stressed - by quick, sloppy work
stressed does not have time or opportunity to solve problems
stressed; when there is no whole picture
stressed when there is no time to question
stressed always relating
stressed- not “time to think”
relives; (fix on past); sense of history
notices only relevant details
notices only necessary data
protects traditional
stressed if too many detail
handle and learn
most difficult function if have to handle details for long periods of time

Teriary Introverted Thinking  Ti (3rd strongest ability)

analizes - notices differences
classifies; groups
examines all sides
seeks understanding
seek to simplify
wants precision; right word
solves problems; creates models
visual picture
question all; how works, how , ideas, systems, things fit together
must withdraw into the mind to use
focus on subject
use energy on less efficient function

Fourth Extrovered Sensing  (4th strongest ability)

experiences physical world
extremely aware of surroundings
see relevant facts and details
used to support intuition

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