Thursday, May 21, 2015

NFP Strengths and Weaknesses


5% of population      Intuition is the preferred mode to deal with world
Possible areas of trouble or weakness for that characteristic

  • flexible, adaptable, tolerant, spontaneous, curious, zest for experience, imaginative, original, independent, open minded, open to inspiration
  • trouble dealing with details
  • trouble remembering names, faces, dates, appointments, etc,
  • inspired easily and inspire others with their enthusiasm
  • may become disillusioned  
  • information gatherer
  • imagination dominates observation
  • may be indecisive; want more information
  • may miss details
  • process oriented
  • good at starting projects enthusiastic about starting
  • may procrastinate
  • may not finish projects
  • likes to keep options open
  • may not make decisions; indecisive
  • needs a confirming feel of rightness before act
  • needs time to think
  • individual work is based in their values
  • want meaningful meetings
  • little interest in ceremonies or festivities
  • possible conflicts in organizations 
  • often frustrated
  • feel left out
  • seek the good & are alert to the dangers of evil
  • what to know what of significance (for the advance of the good) is happening around them
  • may not relax and appreciate living
  • snoopy
  • may be over-involved in their family
  • fit in and get along well with others
  • cooperative
  • healers of relationships
  • may hide behind a screen of confusion
  • not do what want
  • over-stressed and over-involved
  • need privacy and time to recover their wholeness
  • may be reclusive and withdrawn
  • can work alone in quiet concentration for long periods of time
  • may withdraw from people
  • good at solving problems
  • good with complicated situations
  • may need to apply solutions
  • can get over-stressed and over-involved
  • global thinker, planner, learner
  • lost with detailed presentation
  • impatient with details
  • excel in the world of ideas
  • may not take action
  • need an outlet to apply skills; do
  • enjoy learning- are curious
  •      good in school
  •      good teachers
  • needs to apply learning
  • enjoy the world of fantasy-
  •      favorite play mode
  • have a fantasy filled childhood
  •      often rejected by parents
  • good story tellers
  • may be an ugly duckling
  • they want to please others and attempt to hide their differences

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