Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Places to Learn About Personality Type

Personality Theory is based of the work of the psychiatrist Carl Jung. He published Psychological Types in 1921. (Heavy reading and mainly theory not application.)

Katharine Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers applied Jung's theories in the mid 1940's to fulfill the need to quick, accurate job placement during WWII. They are considered the pioneers of personality type measurement. Their work is the basis for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator which is used widely today to place people in jobs where they can be the most successful.  

Isabel Briggs Myers built upon her mother's insights about Jung's work to publish the classic book on personality type with her son Peter B. Myers. Very insightful and positive. Worth reading. 

Gifts Differing - Understanding Personality Type by Isabel Briggs Myers

David Keirsey, a clinical psycholigist, based his work on both Jung's and Myers' theories. He shared his theories in:
  Please Understand Me - Character and Temperment Types in the late 1970's
 Please Understand Me II - Temperment, Character and Intelligence in 1998
Portraits of Temperment - in 1997

both his Please Understand Me books have a good personality test in them. It is also available online at:

The other people I consider top in the field of personality type are Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger, a husband and wife team of counselors and trainers in personality type.
I like how clear their work is and applicable to our lives.

The Art of Speed Reading People - How to Size People Up and Speak Their Language

Do What You Are - Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type

Just Your Type - Create the Relationship you've always wanted using the secrets of Personality Type

Nurture by Nature - How to Raise happy, Healthy, Responsible Children Through the Insights of Personality Type  good test

click on the assessment button at the bottom of the page to discover your type


There are many other people who have built upon these pioneers.

Type Talk - by Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen

What Type am I? - Discover who you really are by Renee Baron

Opposites Attract - How to use the secrets of personality type to creat a love that lasts by Renee Baron

These are some slightly different approaches to personality type. Though more difficult to understand and apply, they can provide valuable insights.

Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

Discovering your Personality Type - The essential introduction to the enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

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