Thursday, May 21, 2015

Being Me an INFJ

Advantages of Being Me!

(I wrote this as kind of my mission statement. I've had a  lifetime of feeling I was inferior because I couldn't spell or do math well, or remember name and dates easily. Now I'm trying to recognize and share the unique talents I have as an INFJ - Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging woman. I am trying to develop a more positive view of myself. I am looking at my strengths instead of just my weaknesses.)

Because I am exceptionally sensitive to people, and all that is around me, and have the ability to analyze and connect ideas and see meanings, I have incredible abilities.  I have great internal strength of character and integrity.  I live a life filled with purpose. My life is grounded on true principles, not social pressures. I can be trusted to always do what is right.

My ability to focus in the world of thought for long periods of time allows me to think out problems and ideas. I am comfortable by myself and do not need people constantly around me.

I enjoy dealing with complex ideas.  My exceptional intuitive abilities allow me to understand quickly with little data and to form relationships between ideas. I enjoy learning and creating new thoughts. My strong intuition gives me the ability to write poetry, articles, teach, and counsel.  It also gives me an incredible ability to create innovative solutions to problems. I use my clear vision of the future to set goals, determine how they can be reached, and provide the drive to obtain them.  Being able to foresee future consequences makes me a superb planner.

I naturally lead by setting a righteous example of faith.  I am not diverted by mundane details.  I inspire and influence others by focusing on the big picture and eternal goals.

My sensitivity gives me the ability to empathize with others. Combined with my intuition, I am able to help others grow and progress.  It also makes me a very loving and conscientious person.  I relate deeply, and I form long lasting trusting, supportive relationships. I truly care about others and want to help them.  I use my abilities primarily in counseling, teaching, mentoring, planning, analyzing, decorating, organizing, learning, and writing.

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