Friday, January 15, 2016

"Beach Master" Style of Leadership

Dark rocks rise above the foaming waterline in Hawaii.

Have you every worked under a "Beach Master" (ESTP) employer. They are superb at utilizing resources to accomplish a specific task. The have "Staff Briefings", then "deploy the troops" to get the job done.  They are strong with immediate goals, but weak in long term planning. They are people of action. They need to talk out their plan verbally. They do not want to be questioned. They only want their ideas listened to and implemented as directed. They do not tolerate their authority being questioned and must be in total control. They will not abide "insubordination in the ranks". People are viewed more as resources to accomplish a specific task. They usually do not notice, or are insensitive to people's feelings and therefore frequently unknowingly insult the people they work with. Though they do not create collaborative teams, the are the supreme masters of making task teams with themselves as the undisputed leader. They are frustrated when the task requires long term planning, working in a committee, and follow-through. They often do not have the patience to work out procedures and goals. Given large complex projects, their one-task, commander, style of management is inadequate.  When they are unable to accomplish the large goal, they have no idea what the problem is, or what can be done about it. Often they think that having more people or resources will solve the problem. They can not cope well with jobs where responsibilities involve many tasks that interrelate, deal with personnel, require delegation, are complex with many details, have long term goals,  require adhering to procedures, follow-through, or global thinking, unless they enlist the assistance of other people who can supply the abilities they lack.

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